A Small Gift

I received a cool gift recently from a family member. Sometime ago she had stitched together an adorable little quilt top then set it aside to be completed at a later date. Many days passed before the quilt was rediscovered. Not having the desire to finish the quilt she decided to pass it on to me. With open arms, I willingly accepted her project.

The quilt top, measuring 36 1/2″ x 45 3/4,” was made with a variety of batiks. Left on the to-do-list were a few minor repairs. One of the sections had been sewn on backwards so that needed to be fixed. With very little effort I was able to remove and re-attach the backwards section.



To polish off the small quilt top I

  • trimmed up the edges



  • ran a row of stitching around the entire perimeter to prevent the seams from opening during the quilting process,
  • carefully pressed the entire surface,
  • then added it to my stack of quilts to be finished.

For now that’s all I’m going to share. Be watching for further updates.

Thanks so much for your visit. I look forward to sharing my quilting adventurous with you again.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

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