Smash My Stash # 3: So What’s Up Next

Smash My Stash

Picking up where we left off last time

A Lot of Work

After taking time to dig out my stockpiled projects I was quite exhausted. Seeing everything in one place, the sheer size of the menagerie, proved three things:

  1. I’ve been very busy shopping
  2. I have quite the talent for managing and stowing away my projects,
  3. It’s quite possible I have just as much fun purchasing and stockpiling projects as I do making them.


As I contemplated returning my previously well-hidden/camouflaged projects to their designated places it occurred to me that there were obvious themes running through my inventory.

There were patterns for-

  • totes/purses/wallets,
  • projects whose main focus was the utilization of hand-dyed wool,
  • small quilts,
  • large quilts,
  • objects to be quilted, etc.

Since there were discernible divisions I figured why not keep them organized together.

But Wait

Before packing everything up I took a few photos of my stash. Pictured below are the fruits of my labor.

Totes n More Totes and More

Kids, PursesSkirts for Kids and Purses

Wall Hangings n PillowsWall Hangings and Pillows

Wool ProjectsWool Projects

Quatrefoil QuiltQuatrefoil Quilt

Tea Cup Quilt  Tea Cup Quilt

Not included were photos of the projects waiting to be quilted on my long arm quilt machine as well as several other items. Those will be shared another time.

What’s Next?

Time to make a list of my unfinished projects.

Thanks so much for sharing your time with me. Check-in again to follow my progress. Have a Great Day!

Cindy Anderson

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