Smash My Stash # 5: Mom’s Unfinished Quilts

Smash My Stash

My Mom is getting on in years. For some time now she has been methodically sorting through her sewing studio removing anything and everything she no longer cares to maintain or finish. Each time I visit her she has piles of collectibles, crafts, and magazines waiting for me to browse.


After hauling home several boxes of items my spouse expressed his wish that I no longer bring things home. Before receiving that moratorium I brought with me two baskets containing the beginnings of five different quilts. All were in varying degrees of completion. Among the projects I found.

  1. Pam’s Nine Patch Garden By Waltzing with Bears
  2. An American Flag Picnic Quilt Throw
  3. Harvest Melody Quilt by Pat Koltz and Lisa Ippolito
  4. French Garden Quilt by Crab Apple Hill
  5. Stars & Stripes Table Quilt by Joan Karagovoorian

Because the quilts were purchased and started by my Mother I feel the need to see them through to completion. Be watching for updates as I tackle each item.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting


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