Christmas Trees By Elisabeth B

Figgy Pudding- A few years back Elisabeth B made a quilt top designed by Basic Grey called Figgy Pudding. Like many quilters the progress on her quilt stopped there. Rather than continue on she carefully packed it away, awaiting a date sometime in the future.

Time To Pause Why she chose to stop there I do not no. Perhaps it was because the thought of hand or machine quilting her project seemed overwhelming, or maybe she just didn’t have the resources to hire a long arm quilter. Whatever the reason the timing just wasn’t right.

She Chose Me What prompted her to retrieve the quilt top from storage and finally have it completed is a mystery. All I know is that she chose me to finish it and of that I was extremely grateful.

We Met Online I was first introduced to Elisabeth via the Internet. She sent me an inquiring asking about my services. After exchanging a few follow-up messages we set a date to meet.

Our Face to Face Visit When Elisabeth came to my home it was the first time we met in person. Obviously brought with her was her quilt. Together we gathered at my table as she carefully unfolded it.

Beautiful Beyond Imagination At my request, Elisabeth had shared a photo of her quilt top in one of her emails so this wasn’t the first time I was seeing it. The quilt, when viewed in person, was much more striking. I was in awe of the fabrics used and the design. All I could think to myself was that this was going to be an awesome project to work with.

Plans Were Made Elisabeth had no preferences when it came to selecting the stitch pattern or thread. Her only requirement was that the trees were to remain un-quilted. The quilt’s design leaves the sides of the trees unattached. Elisabeth wanted them to remain that way. After recording her requests and indicating a proposed time of completion we parted company.

The Work Began Elisabeth’s quilt eventually made it to the top of my to-do list. Keeping her wishes in mind I carefully stitched a combination of Paisleys, swirls, and flowers while successfully avoiding the trees. I did, however, raise up the edges of the trees to apply stitches on the fabric beneath.

Hours and Hours By the time I finished I had almost 11 hours invested. That didn’t include the time I spent pressing, loading and unloading the quilt. When I finished removing the quilt from my machine and had the opportunity to see it in it’s entirety I was so thrilled with the outcome. My hope was that Elisabeth would be as well.

Time to Take Photos Now that the quilting was finished it was time to document my work through photographs. Taking pictures of the entire quilt is difficult to do on my own. To assist me I enlisted the help of two family members. I called upon their strength to hold the quilt upright. While they stood hidden behind the quilt, with only the fingers of their hands exposed, I carefully aimed and snapped as many photos as their arms would allow. I then dismissed my assistants and relocated the quilt to a flat surface. There I proceeded with my routine documentation. Once I was satisfied with the photos I sent a message to Elisabeth notifying her that her quilt was finally ready to be picked up.

Delighted When Elisabeth arrived and saw her quilt, for the very first time, she was overwhelmed with delight. She remarked that she could never have done what I had accomplished with her quilt. She was so thrilled with the outcome.

Music to My Ears Her reaction was music to my ears. Nothing makes my job more rewarding than the reactions I observe when my customers see their quilts. Elisabeth left my home with her quilt in hand and a smile on her face. Whether we will once again work together remains to be seen. I only hope that her extreme satisfaction is an indicator of that potential.

An Honor Thank You Elisabeth B for trusting me, a total stranger, with your project! It was truly an honor. I welcome the opportunity to work with you again!

Take A Look Elisabeth gave me permission to photograph her quilt and share the images with you. Here they are.

Vital Statistics –

  1. Quilt Size – 66 1/2″ x 82″
  2. Time Spent Quilting – 10 hours 50 minutes
  3. # of Stitches Applied – 285,894
  4. Thread Color Used – Perma Core Brown # 32634 and Perma Core Eggshell # 32674
  5. Stitch Patterns Used – Paisley, Swirls, Flowers

Thank You To all my readers for sharing your time with me.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

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