Orange and Raspberry Sherbet

Another New Customer –

I had the awesome privilege of meeting yet another wonderful customer by the name of Pamela R. I made her acquaintance late in the summer of 2015. Pam was fairly new to the area. She had moved here after returning to the United States.

Small World –

When Pamela came for a visit she brought with her several very lovely wall hangings. The wall hangings were created using a method I was very familiar with. She followed the teachings of Carol Ann Waugh through her class called Stupendous Stitching.

I loved every single specimen she shared. There wasn’t a one that I wouldn’t mind hanging in my very own home. As Pamela shared her beautiful items I also had the opportunity to share projects that I had made by the same instructor through her class called Stitch & Slash. Sharing this common thread initiated a unique bond between the two of us.

We Continued On –

Pamela also brought with several quilts. One by one we removed them from her bag and examined their qualities. There was one quilt, in particular, that I instantly fell in love with. It’s the quilt I have named Orange & Raspberry Sherbet (more about the origin of the name later).

When Pamela unfolded and revealed its structure as well as the fabric’s colors I just couldn’t turn away. I found myself surveying every square inch, absorbing all of the patterns and details. There was nothing about the quilt that I did not like.

Which One –

While conversing with Pamela about the quilt I was secretly hoping this would be the one she would hire me to work with. However, Pamela had a different quilt in mind. The quilt was meant for a friend living outside the U.S. If we could coordinate its completion, with a possible opportunity for private transportation to the foreign country, she wanted that quilt to receive priority.

Pamela left that day with all of her belongings. Plans were made to receive the intended quilt sometime later.

Too Late –

The next time I talked with Pamela the window for transportation of the planned quilt to its foreign destination had closed. With that opportunity gone Pamela made the decision to let me work on the Orange & Raspberry Sherbet quilt instead. What a wonderful change of events.

Plans Were Made –

When next we got together we discussed the customary questions involved in planning a long arm quilting job. Pamela indicated that she had no preference toward the stitch patterns to be used. She did however, select a variegated King Tut thread to be used while quilting.

The Origin of the Name? –

The thread is the reason why I have nicknamed the quilt Orange & Raspberry Sherbet. Once I began stitching designs on Pamela’s quilt the thread instantly reminded of eating rainbow sherbet as a child. The pinks, oranges & yellows coordinated so perfectly that it was as if I had intentionally purchased this cone for her quilt.

A Blast! –

I had a blast working on Pamela’s project. The combination of the stitches, the yummy colors woven throughout the thread, along with the fabric all worked in unison to create a spectacular outcome.

It’s All Good! –

When Pamela and I met again she fell in love with her quilt all over again. Everything about the finished product was exactly as she would have wanted. Her overwhelming approval will hopefully serve as a launching pad for additional quilts to come my way.

Let’s See –

Let me introduce you to Pamela R’s Orange & Sherbet Quilt.

Vital Statistics:

  1. Quilt size = 65″ wide x 81″ Long
  2. Hours spent quilting = 9 hours and 49 minutes
  3. # of stitches applied = 276,322
  4. Thread color chosen = King Tut # 403 Harem
  5. Stitch patterns used = paisley, swirls, bubbles

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

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