The Hands Behind the Quilt

The title of this post might cause you to assume I intend to talk about quilters. While it might be a wonderful segway in that direction I’m actually making a reference to the hands that help me with my photography.

Photography is a very important component of quilting. Without the documentation provided by the lense of a camera a permanent history might not be achievable.

Many of the projects finished on my quilting machine are too massive for me to handle on my own.

It takes the assistance of extra hands to achieve my goal.

Evidence of their assistance is typically not obvious. If I were to include it in my photos you would see something like this…


While I would love to give them their due credit, in my photos, it’s simply not feasible. The space I have available to store photos is limited, hence my photos are almost always cropped.

Therefore, I am declaring this moment as the place in time when my assistant will receive his well-earned recognition.

Let me introduce you to The Hands Behind the Quilt.


Cindy Anderson at In A Stitch Quilting


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