Smash My Stash # 5: Abundant Progress

Smash My StashI have been very, very busy; so busy that blogging has taken a back seat. I have poured all of my efforts into making progress on my own quilts. Piled on my table are three quilts for grandchildren, a log cabin quilt and two smaller items along with a quilt of my daughter’s. All of them have been patiently waiting for their opportunity to be quilted on my long arm quilt machine.

Here’s what I have accomplished:

Quilt backs and bindings were made for

Mr. J’s Quilt (you may read about the quilt here and here)


Miss L’s quilt (you may read about her quilt here and here)


Miss M’s quilt (you may read about her quilt here)

IMG_9159_newI also put together a back for a quilt that I have adopted, and made modifications to a mini quilt I had previously made. More about those items to come in future posts.

That’s all for now!


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