Friday Favorites: Something New

Friday Favorites

For twenty plus years I have proudly used my Pfaff 1475 sewing machine to assemble countless items, mend clothing, add buttons, attach achievement badges, among other items. It traveled with me to sewing events, retreats, and even on vacation. Throughout all of that it faithfully performed day after day with barely a hiccup.

Late in December of 2015 a new resident moved into my home. Inside the cardboard box was a brand new Pfaff Performance 5.0.

Pfaff Performance 5.0.jpg

So how did this come about, you might ask? As 2015 drew to a close my spouse suggested that we shop for a new sewing machine. I was quite surprised when he offered. Although I was very satisfied with my faithful companion I just couldn’t turn down such an opportunity?

Before setting out for a local vendor we did research on the available machines. We eventually decided to stay with the same brand as my current machine.

As is our custom we took several days to contemplate the purchase. We weighed the pros and cons carefully. After thoroughly analyzing our options we jointly decided to move forward with the purchase. We chose the Pfaff Performance 5.0. Before the close of 2015 the machine was paid for and brought home. Unfortunately it sat unused until early in February.

After unpacking the machine and all of the accessories I connected each of the cords and plugged it in. With the users’ guide on my left I paged through the manual learning how to thread the machine, wind and install bobbins, select a few options from the menu, then put the machine to work. The machine worked flawlessly! I’m very, very thrilled with the choice that we made.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Something New

  1. Congrats and yes I am wondering what kind of superhuman strength, self-control and patience you have to let a new sewing machine sit in a box unopened and unused. I would barely get it out of the car and it would be half opened in the garage before entering the house – ha!

  2. Well I think I said it sat unused…..that doesn’t mean it wasn’t unpacked. Quite the contrary….it was unpacked immediately. If I hadn’t had customer projects that were a priority I certainly would have given the machine a test run.

  3. I had to laugh when you put so much thought and consideration into a new machine and then didn’t open the box for more than a month! I can’t imagine why? I would be chomping at the bit!

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