Something’s Burning

I’m way up north in my Little Cabin in the Woods. Outside, in the stone wrapped fire pit there are twigs of many sizes. The twigs have been set on fire. Their embers are what is providing the soft scent of a relaxing campfire. The pleasant aroma is wafting into my cabin studio.

I’m here for one of many 2016 mini vacations. My traveling companions are my hubby and my sweet little Sadie. Sadie and my spouse are outside cleaning up the grounds, organizing storage areas and just enjoying the wonderful weather.

So what am I up to? I’m in the middle of preparations to make labels and hanging sleeves for nine small wall hangings. All nine were created while attending the Rayna Gillman retreat. Each has already been quilted and had their bindings attached.

I’ve already cut out the white fabric I will use for the labels. To their backs I’ve fused a light stabilizer. Each will also have a single layer of batting added behind for cushioning. Using an 08 Micron marker I will write the name of each mini quilt along with my name and the date. Here’s a sample

They are not really all that fancy. Just a simple, rustic way to add my personal stamp.

Time to get going! I want to get them all to the point of being ready for hand stitching. Then I can stockpile them for the long ride home.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

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