A Quilt for Lola

My friend Deb entrusted me with two more of her quilts. One was destined for a female friend and the other for a young man. The first quilt, which was assembled for Lola, carried with it a very special message. You see Lola was going to receive treatment for breast cancer.

Deb wanted Lola to have a home-made quilt to wrap herself in while she received chemotherapy. The window of opportunity for the quilt to be completed was small so I bumped it ahead of my other waiting candidates.

I tried getting a little extra creative by stitching words of encouragement around the outside perimeter of the quilt, in the border. Among the words that I used were hope, joy, love, courage and strength. In the body of the quilt I stitched a flowing design of swirls along with Lola’s name and one flower.

Here’s how Lola’s quilt looked when I was finished.

Lolas Quilt

A Quilt for Lola

Lolas Quilt Back

The Back of Lola’s Quilt

Lolas Quilt_3

A Swirl on Lola’s Quilt

Lolas Quilt_2

Thank you Deb for allowing me once again to add pizzazz to one of your works of art!

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

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