A Quilt for Grayson

Deb G, a faithful customer of mine, was at it again. She truly has a heart for showering her friends and family with her own works of art. At the top of her list this time was a young man by the name of Grayson.

Typically Deb is known for her tee-shirt or memory quilts. She loves transforming memorable tee-shirts into works of art. However, this time she branched out into a totally new direction. Rather than using tee-shirts as her fabric she instead stitched together bits and pieces of fabric to make a truly amazing creation.

To accent her expert workmanship I used a linear stitch pattern in the borders as well as the individual quilt squares. In the bottom right corner I personalized Grayson’s quilt by adding his name.

Here are the photos I took of Grayson’s quilt

Graysons QuiltA View of Grayson’s Quilt Top

Graysons Quilt BackA Section of Grayson’s Quilt Back

Graysons Quilt Top_2Another View of Grayson’s Quilt Top

Graysons Quilt_3Grayson’s Name

This brings to a close another long arm quilting project. Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting



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