A Warrior

One of the most unusual requests I have received was from a local woman. She found me through a search of the internet. Her initial email asked if I would be interested in quilting her project. We traded messages back and forth trying to understand exactly what her needs were. It wasn’t until we met in person that I fully understood her expectations.

Judging by how she had described her project I had assumed she was looking for someone to quilt her wall hanging. However, I was surprised to learn that wasn’t the only task she needed done. When she arrived she had a white plastic bag. Inside the bag was a panel with a warrior on it, a piece of black fabric and a wooden doweling. The doweling would be used to hang the finished panel.

My task was to turn the panel into a wall hanging. To the sides and top she wanted me to purchase and add a border of white fabric. The top was then to be sandwiched with batting and the black fabric. After quilting around the pre-printed warrior I was to add tabs for hanging and a white binding. This was definitely not what I had envisioned.

The scope of the project was easily within my area of expertise. Being that it was a rather small item and would most likely take very little effort on my part I agreed to take the job.

Here’s how the warrior wall hanging looked when it was finished.

Paul WarriorThank you Mary P for giving me the opportunity to work with your project. I hope you were as pleased with the outcome as I was.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting


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