Smash My Stash: Bye Bye UFO’s

Smash My Stash

Followers of my blog are well aware of my desire to “Smash My Stash,” also known as finish as many projects as possible. After experiencing my rebirth from quilter to creator of art quilts I felt a tugging to re-address my stash.

I took a look around my studio at the UFO’s (unfinished objects) as well as the list I had assembled earlier this year. While the stacks of patterns I had once thought worthy enough to make, let alone purchase, had maintained their place in my list of things to do, I thought much differently about them now. The loyalty/obligation I had felt to follow through was fading fast. Their presence on my list felt like a burden. One that haunted me every day.

In order to release those ties I had to make a decision. Leave them on the list or set them free. After drawing in a deep breath and slowly exhaling I made my decision. It was time to bring out the axe and whack off the projects that no longer spoke to me.

One by one I pulled out the totes that held the patiently waiting bundles of patterns and designated fabrics.

With gusto I separated them from one another, organizing them into two different piles. Item after item was released from my guilt-driven UFO stash.

The whole process was absolutely liberating. Sure there was a small sense of remorse at the amount of money I had expended on patterns (I will have to coach myself every time I enter a fabric store to not purchase new ones) but I look at it this way, I won’t just throw them away. They will probably remain on a shelf, for a time. Then perhaps they will be donated to a guild or some other interested party.

By the time I had revisited each of my UFO’s I had a large pile of patterns on one side and a huge stack of fabric on the other. The patterns were placed in a basket. The fabrics were added to my stash.

My list of things to do had shrunk exponentially. Remaining were a few kits I had acquired to make quilts or wall hangings as well as my Mom’s UFO’s.

Their permission to continue to reside there is tentative. Who knows whether their fabric will be harvested for other projects or not. For now they have been spared.

So what happened to the fabrics that had been released? I’ll save that for another time.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and read my post. I hope you found it to be a worthwhile experience. I look forward to your return visit. If you have the time, before leaving, leave me a comment and let me know how I am doing.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting


7 thoughts on “Smash My Stash: Bye Bye UFO’s

      1. I bet!!!! I have those days where I go through things and get rid of stuff and then I tell myself, oh, you might need it one day (which I found something last night that I actually did need…the someday came)…but it does feel good to purge. I am so tired of all the stuff!!! Sometimes I have to bring my sister over to egg me on…throw it away! Good will…dump….get rid of it. She is very helpful.

  1. Wow, I admire your strength to let them go! I have given up on some UFOs and put their fabric back in my stash. A kit would be hard to part with but if you haven’t done it yet and you’ve had it a long time….enjoyed this post😄

    1. Well sometimes the fact that the unfinished project is lurking in the background it can be stressful. Like a little child demanding attention. It just felt so liberating to let them go. Thanks!

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