The Fruits of My Labor, AQ # 1: Bloom



On June 23rd I published a post called All Packed. Before signing off I said I would provide an update when my art pieces were finished. Many of them have made it through the final steps so it seems only natural to begin their reveal.

There are nine pieces in total that are now complete. All of them were created during my stay at the Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts retreat at the Woodland Ridge Retreat Center. Here’s a behind-the-scenes account of the learning process we experienced.

To get us rolling our instructor,  Rayna Gillman, had us cut strips of fabric free-hand; no rulers or specific color combinations required. The strips were then sewn together into units. Rayna called these “therapy strips.” Each grouping of therapy strips varied in size. Not having set measurements to attain could be mind-blowing for a detailed-oriented, rule-following person. But once you got the hang of it and saw a visual image of the possibilities it was easy to get carried away with building inventory.

With an inventory of therapy strips ready, the next step was to use them for building blocks. The units could be utilized in their entirety or they could be sectioned off into new strips and added to squares or other pieces of fabric. This simple technique keeps going and going until the artist is satisfied with the outcome.

As units are made they are displayed on a design wall, such as this one.



The order in which they are arranged evolves as the project grows. Much time is spent in contemplation as the design goes through its metamorphosis. Inch by inch, unit by unit the art quilt continues to expand until the artist is finally satisfied with the outcome.

Throughout my unit building process I stitched together several small pieces as well as one larger one. The larger one is not quite ready for its reveal. Over the next several days I will reveal the nine smaller units. Here’s the first one.


Art Quilt # 1


Art Quilt # One is called Bloom. Naming my art pieces is typically very easy. I usually take one quick glance then choose a name based upon my initial overall impression. As this piece developed I visualized the sections of green fabric imitating that of a flower. This inspired me to add a three dimensional blossom. The name of this art piece was inspired by the embellishment. Bloom measures 13″ x 11 3/4″.

I’m really proud of the art pieces I have created. Bloom is one of my favorites. Now that you have seen this one there are only eight more to go. Stay tuned for the remaining reveals.

I hope you have a wonderful day creating memories through whatever form of art speaks to you. I look forward to our next visit.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting













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