AQ # 3: Quilting Friends

This post is the third in a series of nine revealing my most recent art pieces.

Art Quilt # 3

Quilting Friends
Quilting Friends

Art Quilt # 3 is called Quilting Friends. While at the retreat I attended in May, 2016 one of the optional projects we could participate in was the construction of this block. The block is a melding together of a variety of patterns as well as colors. The image created by this fusion reminded me of the different personalities present at the class. The name of this piece also reminds me of the friends I made while at the quilting retreat. The piece measures 14″ x 14″

You can find links to the previous two art pieces here:

Art Quilt # 1

Art Quilt # 2

Cindy Anderson of In a Stitch Quilting





8 thoughts on “AQ # 3: Quilting Friends

  1. The colors in this one are right up my alley. Lots,of color that compliments perfectly. I like the shape also with the kinda off set triangles meeting not quite right in the middle but when you step back you see a diamond shape.

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      1. Not sweet. Just stating the facts ma’am. I have seen some seriously ugly quilts and though I know they took a lot of time and work to complete, when you see a quilter who can put it all together, it is amazing work.


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