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A search back in my archives would reveal a post I wrote about borrowing books from the library. An artist that I follow, Tierney Creates, recently gave me the inspiration to explore my public library. Brought home with me were stacks and stack of books. So many that I could hardly lift the bag.

Library Finds

Pictured above is just a small sampling of the specimens I borrowed. The main objective of my mission was of course entertainment. I enjoy searching through the many quilting publications looking at the wonderful items people have made. My ultimate goal was to preview the many available candidates to see if any were worthy of purchase. Since my own personal library is an ever evolving inventory I almost always have room for a new addition.

Several of the books I brought home really caught my attention. After contemplating how much I wanted to spend and how much I did or did not want to grow my library I finally made a decision. Ordered from my favorite online retailer were these items.

Worthy of Purchase

Since receiving the books I have enjoyed reading through them many times.

Perhaps this post will serve as inspiration for you too to initiate an exploratory trip to your local public library or book store. If it does I hope you find it to be as fruitful as I did.

Thanks for stopping by! I am honored to have grabbed your attention. As always I enjoy interacting with my readers. Leave me a comment with the name of your favorite book.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

5 thoughts on “My Library

  1. This is awesome! I love your stack!!!! You have some of my favorites in there including Intuitive Color and Design (I got to take a class with Jean Wells on her book teachings), and the Tula Pink book (which someday I am going to do the sampler!). What a fun stack! You got a lot of reading (or flipping pages to do – ha!) 🙂

  2. I might have to do that. I want to read is book on alla prima painting called everything I know about painting which is 325$ used on Amazon! The updated version called everything I know about painting II is 125$ for paperback!

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