AQ # 11: Birch Trees

Once again I’ve been busy in my studio. On my list of things to do was finishing this piece.

Art _Piece_11_Birch_Trees_1

I started this item back in May of this year. When I set it aside I assumed I would be just as happy with it today as I was then. Unfortunately that was not the case.

As I pondered its current status I found myself less and less happy with its appearance. The part I hated most was the recycled quilt fragments in the center.

Settling for something that I wasn’t completely satisfied with didn’t make much sense. I already own way too many of those things.

Not wanting to hide another quilt in the closet there was only one thing for me to do. Armed with my rotary cutter I laid art piece #11 on my cutting mat and began it’s transformation.

First to be eliminated were the recycled quilt fragments. Once they were gone the sky was the limit. Following my usual routine I zipped through my art piece countless times adding fabric pieces as I went.

By the end of the day art piece #11 was totally transformed. Thankfully nothing about this new version reminded me of the original. I felt totally at peace with the outcome.

Even though I was confident this would be the final version I decided to leave it hanging on my design wall overnight. No sense being hasty you know. When I returned the next day I was still as happy with it as I was the day before.

Here’s how art piece #11 looks now


I have named this piece Birch Trees. I selected this name with the assistance of my husband. He thought the angled teal pieces reminded him of the birch trees in northern Wisconsin. I thought he had a great point so decided to stick with it. Birch Trees measures 15 3/4″ x 29″. I still have to quilt it, add facings, a rod pocket and label but I couldn’t wait until then to share it.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you like my new art piece as much as I do.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

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