AQ # 12: Autumn

I covet every minute I can set aside to work on my art pieces. Today provided me with another opportunity to immerse myself in my preferred activity.

Retrieved from my design wall was Art Piece #12. This piece as with #11 was created as a means to repurpose another one of my recycled orphan blocks. At the time of its inception I was pleased with its outcome. I even took it with me to the retreat in May, 2016 to proudly share it with my fellow students. Reusing orphaned quilt blocks/pieces to create new art is one of the techniques advocated by Rayna Gillman, the instructor at the retreat.

Revisiting this piece for the first time in three months brought back memories of the wonderful time I had at the retreat. It also made me rethink the thought process I went through when creating it. This was another example of an art piece gone wrong.

Just as with art piece #11 the recycled quilt square, sticking out like a sore thumb, repulsed me. The stark contrast of the surrounding white fabrics as well as the reconfigured quilt pieces looked so out of place. There was nothing about their presence that I liked.


My mission today was to completely remove any hint that they were ever present. Once that was accomplished it was on to reviving the leftover pieces into a much more pleasing creation.

Using the techniques that had become very familiar to me I cut apart and added new fabrics until I was satisfied.


After carefully pressing and squaring up my new art quilt I added a border to finish it off.

Art piece #12 now rests on my design wall. Left to accomplish is quilting, the addition of facings, a hanging sleeve and a label. Since I have a strong desire to get this piece off of my to do list I am certain it will be completed very quickly.

I have named this art piece Autumn. I chose this name because it reminds me of the beautiful, deep hues of the fall season. Autumn measures 28″ x 18″.

Let me introduce you to Art Quilt #12: Autumn


I’m so glad we got to spend these few moments together. Thanks for visiting.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

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