AQ # 13: Ticktock

With each of my art pieces, as work progresses, it’s absolutely normal for a stack of trimmings to accumulate. Sometimes the scraps are large enough to be reused and sometimes they are not. The very tiny ones find a new home in my trash bin. The salvageable ones are stockpiled for later use.

Art Piece #13 is an example of just how useful those scraps can be. The origin of Art Piece #13 was some of those scraps. One of the recycled pieces has a portion of a clock on it. This is a photo of the block before renovation.


This clock is the reason for the block’s name. I have named it Ticktock. Ticktock measures 16″ x 15 3/4″.

Here’s the final version of Art Piece #13: Ticktock


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Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting



5 thoughts on “AQ # 13: Ticktock

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  2. I like the clock! So did you have another quilt with lots of clocks?

    1. No, just fabric. Thanks for your visit and your comment!

      1. Very cute!