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thinkerI’ve been blogging since 2009. Back then I penned my words under a different identity. I used that opportunity to vent my frustrations and sorrows.

As I slowly recovered I found myself unwittingly engaged in another issue. This one was political in nature. Not wanting to muddy the waters of my first blog I started a second. That blog was short-lived. With that voice silenced my blogging career remained dormant for several years.

In 2012 I pushed myself back into the world of blogging. My purpose was to promote my newly formed long arm quilting business. Simple math will tell you I’ve been maintaining this voice for more than four years; that’s quite a record for me.

Did you notice above that I said pushed? That’s right! I forced myself to try, for the third, and perhaps final time, to immerse myself in maintaining a public outlet for my thoughts. The idea of putting together and nurturing yet another blog absolutely exhausted me.

You see words don’t always come easy to me. Writing at times can be very painful. Being able to pull words from my brain can be as difficult as pulling teeth. I know they are there but they somehow get stuck sideways in my brain. When this happens, no matter how hard I try, they just won’t budge. The more effort I put into extracting them the more frustrated I get. So much so that I find myself feeling lost, unable to proceed.

I often wonder if this difficulty is all part of growing older OR is it something else. Perhaps something physical. Thankfully these brain fades don’t happen on a regular basis. If they did I believe I would panic.

For now I’m chalking them up to busyness. My schedule is typically jam-packed with activities. Finding free time for rest and relaxation can be challenging. I think I need to add a recurring event that earmarks time for drooling. You know what I’m talking about. Those minutes or hours when you allow yourself to simply unwind and do nothing.

i-have-comeWell I’ve taken up quite a bit of your time rambling on about my struggles. I appreciate your willingness to stick with me. Now it’s time to put this topic to rest.

Cindy Anderson

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