Ragged Edges

Ever feel a little ragged around the edges, craving someone to love you just as you are? Well I have a story to share that just might make you smile.

While I really like modern decorations my roots are anchored in the world of country. What can I say? I have a heart for old things. My home is furnished with reinvented items. Even my yard proudly sports re-purposed household furnishings masquerading as art.

Sometime ago I had the rare opportunity to visit a sweet little gift shop. It’s a mix between coffee/sandwich shop with a vintage home decor vendor in the other half of the space. The building is old with loads of character. Not much updating has been done. Even the chairs and tables in the dining portion are a mishmash of reclaimed specimens. They’re kind of like a family you know….no two alike.

So where was I? Oh, that’s right! I was on the verge of telling you about my shopping experience. It was wonderful! When I walked in the door I felt all cozy and at home. The kind of feeling I sense in an environment filled with love and acceptance.

The display cases are re-purposed furniture pieces filled with eye-catching offerings. Their abundance of merchandise demands a slow, leisurely stroll. No hurrying. Just a quiet meander.

While I almost always find many items here that would look spectacular in my home, I’m more than satisfied to just enjoy them right where they are. Managing my enthusiastic craving for darn near everything I see doesn’t take much stamina because I’ve made the decision to adopt the mantra of “less is more.”I know this doesn’t help this small business to be successful, but it does help with my cash flow and my desire to stay down-sized.

After meandering through, on my slow crawl, past the tempting decorations, I spotted a much-loved, well-worn red and white quilt. This quilt, with its tattered edges and faded fabrics, was oh so soft to the touch. The softness reminded me of those warm, cuddly blankets that demand our attention. The kind that we can’t resist wrapping around our shoulders on cold wintry days.

From the very moment we met I just knew this quilt was meant for me. It was looking for someone to love it and I was that someone. This was the one item that I simply had to purchase. No getting around it. No walking away. No need for will-power. No explanation needed. It was a done deal. This quilt had found a home. Despite its inadequacies it had found acceptance in me.

Old Quilt

My much-loved quilt, with its tattered edges, has been with me for several years. Its home is in my office. On most days it resides, gently folded, on the back of my office chair. But on those blustery, cold days when even an extra sweater can’t keep you toasty, I retrieve my quilt from its resting place and lay it across my lap. In no time the thickness of its layers begins to chase away the chill. The warmth shared by the two of us provides a relaxing place to linger.

So, did I do it? Did I make you smile? Did you feel the warmth?

I hope my reminiscing has helped to soften a few of your tattered edges. If it has, why not share that feeling of peace with others.

Thanks for visiting today! I hope we can find solace together again.

Much love!

Cindy Anderson



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