Oh my goodness driving here was quite the adventure!!

We have been very blessed this winter. We’ve had a few stretches of super, super frigid temperatures yet a very limited number of snow falls. We even had a stretch of balmy temps in February. As luck would have it, the first day of March came in like a lion, which if I were all cozy and warm in my studio wouldn’t have been an issue. But, as you know, this was a travel day. The snow and slush and mess were more than I had wanted to deal with. All that yucky stuff delayed our arrival time by sixty minutes. I was so thankful when we arrived.

Here’s proof of the snowy mess we drove through.

Not long after we arrived the car was unpacked and my sewing space was all ready to go.

It looks nice and tidy now but wait until Sunday when everything is packed. The floor and all the surrounding surfaces will be covered in lint, threads and tiny fabric pieces.

Time to get to work!  :o)

Cindy Anderson

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