Pam R’s Disappearing Hourglass

Pam R. has been a regular customer of mine. She’s fairly new to quilting but not a sewing machine. I remember the first time she visited my home. Her arm was loaded down with a bag filled with quilts and other projects she had so proudly finished. As each one was revealed it was apparent that we share similar interests.

Pam’s enthusiasm for quilting keeps her busily creating one project after another. As her talents improve she tackles patterns with a greater degree of difficulty. Late last fall I Longarm quilted her Disappearing Hourglass. The pattern was from the Missouri Star Quilting Company and I believe she chose the fabric colors on her own.

When we sat down at my dining room table Pam told me of the quilt’s history. Part of that journey was the difficulty she had with the pattern. Pam explained that she had contacted Missouri Star to share with them her struggles. Apparently she was not the first person to have the same issue.

Pam wanted to show me where the quilt had not gone as planned but I stopped her. I told her I didn’t want to know where the issues were. If I had let her do that then my eye certainly would have focused in those areas rather than the quilt’s overall beauty. I thought her choice of fabrics and the pattern combined together to make a very striking quilt.

Together Pam and I chose a neutral colored thread as well as a straight lined stitch pattern to finish her quilt. Here’s how Pam R’s quilt looked when it was done.





As always, it was a joy to work with you Pam R! Thank you for the awesome opportunity!

Do you have a quilt just waiting for the opportunity to be longarm quilted? If you do, why not send me a message and we can discuss the options available. You may reach me at cindy [at] inastitchquilting [dot] com.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

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