Quilt Retreat Day One

After weeks and weeks of constant motion, motion like that of a spinning top, Ive found myself on a 10 day breather at my little cabin in the woods (LCITW). The anticipation leading up to this respite has reignited my enthusiasm for my art, fabrics and all things related. This excitement or drive has been stifled by the many activities stuffed into my daily calendar.

Favorite Place

Carefully packed into my vehicle were totes filled with some of my favorite quilting books, piles of fabrics, spools and spools of thread as well as an inventory of rulers, my rotary cutter and enough projects to last me for weeks to come. While I will admit that I may have gone slightly overboard, just a tad, with the volume of items I brought, I have to say I would much rather have a variety of options to choose from. It gives me the chance to be more creative.

Retreat Books.jpg

Of all the projects that I brought with there’s one that will definitely be completed and that is the lap quilt I’ve been commissioned to make by my sister-in-law. Once that ones finished the sky’s the limit.Circuit Quilt.jpg

Well, it’s time to call it a day. It’s very late and I’m exhausted from all the packing, traveling, unpacking, etc. Tomorrow’s a new day.

Cindy Anderson

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  8. Yay! Back to you LCITW! Looks at those books and those fabrics – you are going to have a relaxing and fun time of creating!

    1. Thank you Tierney! Fun is what I plan on having! 🙃