Quilt Retreat Day Three

This is entry number three in the diary of my quilt retreat. I began this journey with great hopes of making tremendous progress on my many projects. Read on to find out how productive I was.

Sadie, my little companion, had some issues last night. You see it stormed and thunder storms make her very nervous. Settling her in made for a very late night. A late night meant another late morning–but who really cares! I have no morning deadlines to meet, other than sewing as much as possible.

The two of us efficiently moved through our morning routine then started working on our projects. Here’s Sadie’s #1 priority.


The focus of my attention was the Circuit quilt I started yesterday. The blocks for the Circuit pattern are not at all difficult to assemble. Before closing shop last night the pattern pieces had all been cut out. The next step was to begin piecing the segments. I chain-pieced each of the units together, which made the stitching go much quicker, then pressed the seams.

Although the quilt block is not difficult to create it still took the better part of my day to make the first eighteen. I managed to get a start on the remaining seventeen but was interrupted by my assistant Sadie. She had other ideas in mind. Apparently after a very long, but productive, day Sadie thought it was time to relax.

I turned off my sewing machine, iron and all non-essential lights then popped in a movie, and headed for the love seat. Sadie immediately expressed her delight. I grabbed her blanket and her. Up went my footrest. Sadie quickly found her favorite place right next to my leg. I pressed play on the remote and leaned back to relax and watch the movie. I’m not really sure how much I actually saw though because when I awoke the movie was just coming to an end. I’ve watched the movie many times before so sleeping through most of it really didn’t make a difference. I guess the two of us must have been exhausted. Time to call it a day.

Before I go here’s a photo of the progress I made on the Circuit lap quilt as well as links to day one and day two. Tomorrow I anticipate being able to put the rest of the blocks together and perhaps even get the quilt top assembled.

Circuit Quilt Blocks.jpg

Thanks so much for your visit! I look forward to chatting with you next time.

Cindy Anderson


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