Card Trick Quilt

My friend Barb M. is also a quilter. Creating improv small quilts is her preferred quilting genre. Following a pattern to make a quilt is way out of her comfort zone. One of the first quilts she made was this one called Card Trick. Being made from a pattern is a bit surprising. Her color choices for the fabrics is not. Barb prefers muted tones.

When I received Barb’s quilt it was folded inside a plastic bag. After removing it, making a few repairs, treating it to a careful and thorough pressing her quilt was then loaded and quilted on my long-arm quilt machine. Using a coordinating, variegated thread I quilted a linear pattern on her project. This is how Barb’s quilt looked when it was complete.

Barb M's Card Trick Quilt
Barb M’s Card Trick Quilt
A Closeup of Barb M's Card Trick Quilt
A Closeup of Barb M’s Card Trick Quilt
The Back of Barb M's Card Trick Quilt
The Back of Barb M’s Card Trick Quilt


Barb was very pleased with how her quilt looked. Thank you Barb for trusting me with your very first quilt. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you.

Cindy Anderson

14 thoughts on “Card Trick Quilt

  1. Of all the first patterns to choose, I’m wondering why that one. It looks beautiful, her colors are wonderful together, and your quilting completes it nicely … but card tricks! I like the pattern, but I’ve never been tempted to make it. =)

    1. Well she felt the same way after she tried it and do did the ladies at her favorite quilt shop. She did great though.

    2. It was a class offered by Joann’s. Only supposed to be a 4 square. I got ambitious…. imagine a new to quilting person tackling the Card Trick pattern. Certainly a learning experience. Hah!

      1. Well you do like to dive in 😊 You are not afraid of trying new things.

    1. Thank you very much!

    1. Thank you very much!

  2. After sitting in a closet for 5 years, it was time to quilt it. You did a magnificent job Cindy. Thank you. Grateful my friend.

    1. I feel so honored that you chose me! Here’s to a long and enjoyable friendship!

  3. Simply beautiful.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment!

  4. Great quilting! You matched the design to the quilt so well:)!

    1. Awe thank you so much!