A Longing

Up until recently I had been neglecting my blog. Now that I have been concentrating on writing and entering my stories my sewing is languishing. Granted it’s only been a matter of weeks since I last entered my sewing room; however, it seems like and feels like months. I fear the anguish will only increase because my financial record keeping craves my attention as well.

Woe is me!

I just might have to turn on my sewing machine for a day or two before attacking my bookkeeping. I simply must have my priorities in order. Right! You agree with me, don’t you?


Pfaff Performance 5.0

Cindy Anderson 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Longing

  1. I’m all for letting the financial records wait a day or two if that doesn’t rack up fines. =) Sewing is really my #1 priority, though recently it’s taking a back set to school. What was I thinking?

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