Tierney Hogan’s Happy Ending Quilt

I follow a blog written by Tierney Hogan called Tierney Creates. Tierney lives on the West coast in an area I once visited. Tierney is well known by her followers for creating art pieces out of repurposed fabrics and fibers. I always like reading about her many adventures. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d get the chance to work with one of Tierney’s quilts. Much to my amazement that day actually arrived.

One of the quilts she made was assembled using denim and scraps of fabric. She calls the quilt Happy Ending. Typically she sends her projects to a local long-arm quilter. This time she decided to let me have a chance. The quilt top was boxed up and sent all the way to my home in Wisconsin. Tierney allowed me to choose both the thread color as well as the quilting stitch pattern. I chose a thread that matched the denim and used a geometric pattern to quilt it.

I had so much fun quilting and photographing her quilt. Choosing which photos to share with you was very difficult because I had 96 candidates. Obviously I’m not going to share them all because it would take far to long to edit that many. Instead I have picked the cream-of-the-crop. Here’s a look at Tierney’s quilt as viewed from the lens of my camera.

A View from the Front of Tierney's Happy Endings Quilt
A View from the Front of Tierney’s Happy Endings Quilt
Tierney's Happy Endings Quilt from the Front
Tierney’s Happy Endings Quilt from the Front
The Back of Tierney Hogan's Happy Ending Quilt
The back of Tierney Hogan’s Happy Endings Quilt
Another View From the Back of Tierney's Happy Ending Quilt
Another View from the Back of Tierney’s Happy Endings Quilt

Although I am probably my biggest fan, I think the quilting turned out rather nicely. Tierney was very pleased with the outcome as well. She posted articles about her quilt along with an account of our joint adventure on her blog. You may find links to them here, and here.

Being very aware of Tierney’s quest to repurpose items I thought it would be fun to provide her my own challenge. Tucked inside the box used for returning her quilt was a bright orange napkin with an embroidered pink and lime green dragon fly. Tierney wrote about the napkin in this post. In talking with Tierney her initial reaction was to add it to her napkin drawer. After clarifying what my intention was, she laughed and withdrew it from her stash. I believe the bright orange napkin now resides in her studio. Who knows how she will incorporate in a future project.

Thank you Tierney for putting your trust in me. If you ever feel like shipping another project to the dairy state, I’m available!

Cindy Anderson

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