16 Quilts

My husband and I just finished a six day respite at our little cabin in the woods (lcitw). Before heading north we often make an outline of the items or activities we might like to experience. Favorite restaurants, reading and movies are among our usual selections. No matter how much effort we invest in our planning it is always amazing how much time we spend sleeping.

We live a fairly fast-paced life style which takes a toll on us. Paying attention to and managing the fatigue that often ensues takes an intentional focus. The visits to our lcitw help to abate the cycle through rest and relaxation. The down time or sleep usually sneaks in during our first 48 hours. It is not until we find ourselves refreshed that we realize how much we needed to rest.

As we prepare for our trips we gather together the supplies we need to accomplish our goals. If our intent is to eradicate weeds or give our lcitw a bath we might bring with a rake, a weed trimmer and a ladder.

Included in the tubs of supplies traveling with us this time were 16 quilts of all sizes. All 16 had already been quilted and surrounded by either a binding or facing. The last step to be completed was hand stitching. This trip was a perfect opportunity to accomplish that task.

My hope was to at least finish half of the quilts. Much to my surprise I thankfully and very proudly can announce that all 16 are done. Over the next several posts I will give each one its final spotlight.

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26 thoughts on “16 Quilts

  1. Impressive, no matter what size! Especially for someone who hates binding as much as I do. =) I love the woods. We never had a cabin there, but we used to drive our 5th wheel into the Arizona forests, sometimes way down dirt roads, and park for a week or two at a time – during summer vacation, because I was a teacher. I still would love to do that, but I have to wait until I have a new something to live in, since I sold ours.

  2. Holy smokes!!!! First let me say…cabin. Awesome. Second, 16 quilts is a lot of quilts!!! You were productive! I love when productivity is restful.

    1. Holy smokes to you too! It is an awesome place to escape to. 16 is a lot but remember I said there were various sizes. Sooooo they weren’t bed size. Two were pretty good sized and the rest were wall hangings. See! Don’t give me too much credit. 😜

  3. Hi Cindy,
    What a nice restful thing to do! I absolutely love putting the binding on quilts – its final ta-da so to speak. How accomplished you much feel having gotten them all done. Good for you. I look forward to you sharing them. ~smile~ Roseanne

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