AQ # 24: Multi-Cultural

15 Minutes of Play

I enjoy sharing the stories behind my projects. Today’s mini quilt was conceived during the construction of Art Quilt # 23: On the Fringe. In that post I talked about Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s book 15 Minutes of Play. In her book she teaches how to repurpose your unused scraps into new pieces of fabric.

A Springboard

Following her suggestions I successfully created one large piece of fabric. The large piece was then cut into six sections. Section one was used in the construction of On the Fringe. Section two was used as a springboard for today’s art quilt. The remaining four sections will be used in other pieces. Stories of their adventures will be shared soon.

Many Layers

I’ve called this mini art quilt Multi-Cultural because of its many layers and textures. The center most section is a piece of hand-made fabric. To that I added strips of fabric which formed a border. One of the pieces is a hand-dyed, color coordinated burlap. The burlap was included in a bundle I purchased from a small pop-up business at the Quilt Surface Design Symposium (QSDS) in Ohio. The most unusual fabric was a small piece of over-dyed wool, also purchased in Ohio.

Art Quilt # 24_ Multi-Cultural
Art Quilt # 24: Multi-Cultural before adding background fabrics

Here we see a photo of the art piece after adding the hand-dyed burlap as well as the cotton fabric borders and the over-dyed wool. Fused behind the wool, with Misty Fuse, are two layers of fabric. The first one is orange and the second fabric is gold. The third layer consists of black cotton. After fusing all four layers together the mini art quilt now looks like this.

Art Quilt # 24_ Multi-Cultutal with Borders
Art Quilt # 24: Multi-Cultural ready for quilting

Ready for Quilting

The mini art quilt has been added to my stack of projects waiting to be quilted.

If you would like to see the first mini art quilt created in this series you can find my post here.


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  1. The part I found most interesting about this piece was the fusing of pieces that essentially creates the borders. That sounds like something fun to try. Calling it Multi-Cultural made me think it resembled neighborhood backgrounds in Ezra Jack Keats books.

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