AQ # 25: Towne House

Over the last few posts I’ve been sharing my newly created mini-art quilts. All of these originated from one piece of fabric made while following Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s 15 minutes of play. Shared so far was Art Quilt # 23: On the Fringe and Art Quilt # 24: Multi-Cultural.

The most recently completed mini-quilt is named Art Quilt # 25: Towne House. Using a section of the 15 Minutes of Play scrap fabric as its base, I set out to create yet another small art quilt. With the addition of multiple scraps and strips of fabric this tiny art project began to evolve from a small conglomerate of randomly assembled scraps into a tiny house. Capping off the tiny house was a strategically placed section of strips resembling that of a roof. The end result, although mostly accidental, was this house I now call Art Quilt # 25: Towne House.

Art Quilt # 25_ Towne House

My tiny town house sports a colorful roof made of teal, purple, orange and pink fabric strips. The door, a white piece of fabric with a pink oval, and siding, are a hodgepodge of scraps from my, less than organized, inventory. Flanking the home on the right side is a stately tree formed through the combination of yellow, green and orange print fabrics. Look closely at the green strip. There you will find a grouping of three birds. What tree wouldn’t want to host a family of birds? The print on the orange fabric seems so appropriate. It’s center orange circle, with radiating, randomly shaped, white circles, seems to resemble that of a tree top.

The purple strip of fabric secured beneath the home serves as a sidewalk. Underneath that is a fairly large section of orange batik. If you look closely at the batik you will notice an array of floral images. These flowers provide a lovely flower garden for my house. The golden fabric above the roofline, with the sea of many stars, serves as the home’s beautiful skyline. The colorful combination of fabrics is surrounded by a frame of teal cotton strips.

I am absolutely thrilled with this little guy’s appearance, created mostly by accident. Sometimes these not-so-planned evolutions turn out to be the most successful. Move-in day for the Towne Home’s new residents has been delayed. The date can’t be scheduled until construction is complete. 🙂

This brings to three, the number of mini-quilts created from my pieced scrap fabric. There are four more yet to be finished. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

Thanks for spending time with me today. Your visit is always appreciated.


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