AQ # 26: Blue Condo 

I’ve been transforming pieces of my home-made fabric, created using Victoria Findlay Wolf’s 15 Minutes of Play, into brand new art quilts. To date I’ve proudly assembled On the Fringe (Art Quilt # 23), Multi-Cultural (Art Quilt # 24), and Towne House (Art Quilt # 25). Art Quilt # 26: Blue Condo is the fourth member of this generation. I’ve called it the Blue Condo because of two reasons

  • It’s made primarily from blue/teal fabrics and
  • It looks like a house or condo.

Let’s dissect this mini art piece and see if you agree.

Art Quilt # 26_ Blue Condo before adding borders
  • Located in the center is the 15 Minutes of Play home-made fabric.
  • Immediately surrounding the core is a variety of teal and purple scraps. The home-made fabric along with these added pieces form the main structure of the home.
  • Flanking either side you will notice two columns of lime green fabric–one of which was stitched together from seven different pieces. I’m designating those as my pyramidal bushes.
  • The roof was fashioned from a white fabric decorated with multi-colored stars.
  • Directly above the center of the roof is a small scrap of teal colored fabric embellished with rectangles. This is the chimney.
  • The teal fabrics that envelope the house are the sky.
  • Currently surrounding the entire piece is a frame of teal strips. I know with certainty that another border will eventually be added. I just haven’t decided what color it will be.

For now, this is all I am prepared to share. As changes take place I will bring you up-to-date.

So what do you think?

Can you see my vision?

I know it might be a bit of a stretch but I bet your imagination, when set free, can grasp the concept.

Time to move on to the next!

Thanks for your never-ending support! I just love it when you stop by to visit. See you soon.


12 thoughts on “AQ # 26: Blue Condo 

  1. I easily see it. In fact, my first thought on looking at it was how nice it would be as the stable backdrop for a black silhouette of the nativity. When you said the lime greens were the bushes, yes, that makes sense – reminds me of the shape of evergreens against a house.

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