AQ # 27: Summer Picnic

I’ve been introducing my readers to a series of mini quilts I created after reading the book 15 Minutes of Play by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. To-date I have shared

Debuting today is Summer Picnic, Art Quilt # 27

Family Picnics

I have many fond memories of the summer picnics we used to take with our children. These little outings added a sense of adventure. To prepare for our excursions we gathered-up the picnic basket, table cloth and it’s clips, a cooler, a blanket or two and sometimes a little grill. Next we filled the basket and cooler with goodies. After loading the props and our children into the car we set out for the day’s destination.

Art Quilt # 27: Summer Picnic after adding borders
Art Quilt # 27: Summer Picnic after adding borders

Let Me Explain

I’ve name my mini art quilt Summer Picnic because it reminds me of those family gatherings. The oranges, reds and yellows are reminiscent of the suns warming rays. The blues and purples bring back memories of the cooling lakes and pools. The stenciled swirls, rectangles and circles bring back visions of the bubbles created by churning waters. Finally, the woven fabric strip along the bottom remind me of a table cloth. Those pretty little touches bring a splash of color to any table. The accessory that adds a sparkle to any feast. Isn’t it amazing how a few adjoining scraps can trigger so many memories. All it takes is a little imagination and an open heart.

Thank You!

We’ve been together on this journey of revelation for quite a while. I’m sure you are probably wondering when and if it will ever end. This is the fifth of seven postings in the series. With only two more to go I just know you can hang in there. Thank you so much for your patience!


13 thoughts on “AQ # 27: Summer Picnic

  1. I expect I could stand to see your first 22 art quilts, and as I have time to break away from homework, I’m going to go back looking for them, just in case they are on the blog. =) I can so easily see all you said about picnics in this piece. Your words paint a nice picture, too. You helped me remember a few picnics we took.

    1. I thought so too. Warm and inviting just like a summer day. So many fond memories. Well I’m glad you are excited. I think they are the cutest of them all. Thank you for your very kind comments. You have made my day! 😊

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I was thinking of you yesterday because I remembered 15 minutes of play. I was able to sneak 15 minutes of sewing in after work yesterday, and got quite a bit accomplished. Not a block as cute as yours but some of the 180 HSTs that I need to make. ~smile~ Roseanne

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