AQ # 5: Sunrise (An Update)

One of My Favorites

Sunrise, Art Quilt # 5has always been one of my favorites. While small in stature, measuring only 11 7/8″ x 8″, it’s visual impact makes it appear much larger. This piece has a prominent place in my home where I can see and enjoy it every day.

Beading Class

I participated in a beading class in early June at the QSDS held in Ohio at the Columbus College of Arts. This was not my first art quilt beading class. In fact it was the third time I took a class with this teacher. The instructor was Lisa Binkley.

Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise
What to Pack?

Before packing for my trip I was supposed to decide which quilt I wanted to embellish. I found the decision difficult to make because I had so many wonderful available options. Rather than make the selection on my own I chose to take along several small pieces. I figured the instructor, with her many years of experience, would help be decide. Through a process of elimination I chose Sunrise (pictured above) as my candidate for embellishment.

Bead Box
Beads galore from various vendors
Also traveling with me was this box of beads. I have been collecting them for the sole purpose of enhancing art quilts. I have absolutely no intention of making jewelry.

A Tour

Now let’s take a tour of the textures and adornments added to my mini art quilt.

Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise (view of right side)
Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise with added seed stitch
I added a variety of beads as well as stitching to my Sunrise quilt. First to be incorporated was a seed stitch. Using a variegated thread I filled in the yellow areas of the white dotted fabric.

Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise (side view of top left corner)
Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise with lime green and teal beads
In the multi-colored strip along the left edge I added stacks of lime green and teal beads.

Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise (upper left corner)
Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise with chili pepper dangles
Traveling a little further to the right, in the vertical yellow strip with white dots, I added three groupings containing a shiny, square, blue bead connected to an orange carrot or chili pepper.

Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise (view of middle right section)
Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise with two stacks containing a teal, and orange and a teeny-tiny green bead
Just up and slightly to the right of the dangling chili pepper is a stack consisting of a teal, an orange and a teeny-tiny, lime green bead. Below that are two teal beads embossed with a copper colored bird.

Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise (view of top right corner)
Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise with three tiny teal beads
Slightly higher that those stacks are these three tiny teal beads.

Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise (view of bottom right corner)
Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise with iridescent face grouping
In the very bottom right corner is a medallion created from an iridescent blue face, five orange chili peppers linked together with teal and lime green beads.

Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise (view of bottom edge)
Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise with dangling bird beads
Along the bottom edge of the art quilt I stitched seven groupings of bird beads.

Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise, The Quilt
Art Quilt # 5: Sunrise with its many embellishments
Here’s a photo of the entire piece.

One of a Kind

With the addition of numerous embellishments this tiny, but stylish, quilt dances to the beat of its own drummer. Nowhere else on earth is there a quilt quite like this. Sunrise truly is a one-of-a-kind art piece.

Even though the process was lengthy I had a great time dressing up my Sunrise quilt. However, I don’t intend to give each of my quilts the same attention. Only the chosen few will experience this special treatment.

Did I Loose You?

I have a hunch that the guided tour we just took may have lost a few of you somewhere along the way. Sometimes my attempts at pointing out details go a bit overboard. While my ramblings make total sense to me they may sound like white noise to you. If you are one of the readers that found the excursion to be confusing don’t feel bad. I often confuse myself!  🙂 Hopefully the last photo speaks for itself.

Thank you for your visit! I look forward to hearing your comments and reactions.

Cindy Anderson



12 thoughts on “AQ # 5: Sunrise (An Update)

  1. Hi Cindy,
    You didn’t lose me! You had me at the seed beads. Look how fabulous that looks on the yellow fabric! That is just stunning, and it must have taken FOREVER with all those small beads. I can hardly force myself to move on from them . . . but the medallion is so cool, especially coupled with the dangling bird beads. What a fun project! Truly one of a kind. No, of course not all of your quilts will receive this special treatment – otherwise it would no longer be special. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Well that’s good! It was a long and tedious process but the end result made it all worth it. Thanks for paying close tension and honoring my post by commenting! You are amazing! 😊

  2. Cindy, I have only one quilt with embellishments and it is in my UFO pile. You inspire me to get back to it. I hope you have a great trip and experience. Take care. ~ Jan

  3. Where is the “SUPER LIKE” button for this blog post?!?!
    First the post is very visually appealing/stunning with all the colors in the images. Also I like your new background to your blog – nice! You did a fantastic job on this piece and if you ever tire of it, you have my address, mail it to my house 🙂

    1. You are a hoot! I’ll get on creating that button just for you Tierney! Thank you for your very sweet comments. I really enjoy taking and editing photos. The whole process is another art form in itself. If only all my photos turned out as good. I am so glad you noticed my new background. I like changing things up every now and then. I certainly do know where you live. I will keep your offer in mind. 🤓 Thanks for being so sweet!

    1. No, I didn’t. It is so tiny I just use straight pins to hang it on the wall. The holes they make in both the wall hanging and the wall are really tiny. Tiny holes in the wall make my hubby happy!

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