What’s Your Style?

I do 99% of my sewing all by myself, just me, numero uno. Being an audience of one can either be very boring or entertaining. I say entertaining because I often talk to myself.

Quilting Advice


On one such occasion I found myself asking a series of questions. They all focused on the topic of, no surprise here, the art of quilting. The longer I pondered the more I thought why not generate a sequence of blog posts centered around the questions.

Today I’m announcing my intent to begin a new category of posts. All of them will ask a question. A question that I hope will generate input from my readers. Participation is optional. There’s no money involved, no contract, no required commitment. Just a simple request for your interaction through commenting. I know it’s a big request and I also know you can handle it. You are, after-all, very special people. Lets test the waters and see how it goes.

Be watching for the first “What’s Your Style?” question. I hope you are excited? I Know I am!



6 thoughts on “What’s Your Style?

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