Sewing with Friends

I made trip to my LCITW on September 20th. Before going I received an email announcing an opportunity to gather with other quilters to make lap quilts for survivors of the recent disasters. To participate all you had to do was show up. They planned to have sewing machines, cutting boards, irons…everything needed to outfit a proper sewing event. Of course, if you preferred you could bring your own machine. I quickly responded and told the organizer that I would gladly attend.

I showed up on September 20th, armed with my sewing machine and fabrics to donate to the cause. I was joined by three other ladies. Already set up were stations for cutting fabrics, pressing and sewing. I found an empty spot at the wooden table to setup my own sewing machine.

We got started on the project right away. I stitched together groups of pre-cut blocks and strips while someone else pressed the seams. We took turns working at each of the stations so nobody spent all of their time doing the same thing. By the time we were finished we had put together four lap sized quilt tops. Here are some photos from the event.

Cutting Station.jpgPressing Station.jpgSewing Station.jpg

Quilt Tops.jpgQuilting Friends.jpg

I had a great time sewing with my three new friends.

There’s talk of getting together again next year because quilts for charity are always in demand. I’ve already put my reservation in to participate. There’s nothing more rewarding than spending quality time with a group of women participating in a craft I really enjoy.

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing in my excitement.



16 thoughts on “Sewing with Friends

  1. What a great event! It’s always nice to get together with fellow crafters, but especially nice when you are able to work together to accomplish something.

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Well, that sure sounds like fun! I’ll bet I could rope a few friends to join in next year . . . we are not THAT far away. Send me the dets if you would, and I’ll start spreading the word. You might just be surprised that a whole army shows up . . . you never know. What a great idea! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Roseanne, I would be thrilled to quilt with your crafty bunch! The sewing get-together was in Door County so it’s probably slighter farther away that you thought. One much closer to home would be better. Thanks for the offer! 😊

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