AQ # 17: The Chosen Nine Update

A Busy Summer

I spent my summer making fifteen different art quilts. Most of them have already been talked about briefly. Two of them have yet to be mentioned. In a recent post I shared that I was able to put the finishing touches on 16 projectsArt Quilt # 17: The Chosen Nine is the first of sixteen quilts to be finished.


Art Quilt # 17: The Chosen Nine had its original debut on August 30, 2017. In that post I shared the mini quilts evolution. My little quilt made quite a journey from a stack of ugly quilt blocks to this odd conglomerate of reinvented art. The photo below shows its final version.

Art Quilt # 17_ The Chosen 9.jpg
Art Quilt # 17: The Chosen Nine

The Components

Created from 100% cotton fabrics this quilt measures 21 1/4″ from top to bottom and 21 1/2″ from side to side. The individual blocks were assembled using fragments of other quilt squares, then surrounded by white fabric. Using even more white cotton I connected the nine blocks together with borders. The sea of white cotton elevates and draws attention to the orphaned remnants. They no longer languish in a forgotten stack of ugly blocks. Instead they have morphed together to form a very striking quilt.

The other two components of the quilt sandwich were composed from a layer of Warm & Natural batting and a backing of white cotton. The entire sandwich was quilted on my Pfaff sewing machine using straight lines of stitching. Wrapping all four borders is a machine and hand stitched binding also of white cotton.

What’s In A Name?

While there are any number of names that could have been given to my quilt I selected this one because it refers back to their origin. These nine blocks were chosen from a much larger grouping. This was not a random or haphazard selection. These blocks were deliberately picked.

The Vision

If you were to ask me if this was how I had envisioned my quilt turning out I would have to say, “No.” Even in my wildest dreams I could never have imagined this. That is the beauty and the frustration of creating art from scratch. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. In this case I think I won big time. I am very pleased with my final product and will be very proud to hang it in my studio.

Much Appreciated!

Thank you so much for honoring my art by reading my blog. It’s only through your participation that my work receives attention. You are what makes my blog successful!

Now go out and use your art to make a difference in this world!


26 thoughts on “AQ # 17: The Chosen Nine Update

  1. Cindy, I think it’s biggest appeal to me is the white with those particular colors. It looks so pristine, and yet there are those blocks that keep it from being a blinding snowstorm. The arrow directions, too, require me to think some. Overall, it’s very appealing in many ways, and a beautiful work of art. I like that the photographic angle keeps it from looking square. A different perspective of it!

    1. The white does provide a wonderful backdrop for the blocks. The white allows them to shine and that’s exactly what they should do. I thank you for your assessment of my work. I appreciate it when people honestly provide their perspective. It gives me the chance to see my work from a different set of eyes. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! 😊

  2. Hi Cindy,
    When I look at your quilt, the very first thing I notice is the quilting. Oooh, straight line quilting was my first thought as I moved closer to my screen. Then I looked at your chosen nine blocks, and notice that they all remind me of arrows pointing in different or the same direction. The common fabric (aqua and darker teal especially) pulls them together, so I know you were thoughtful in the design even if they were made at different times. That’s all I’ve got – too deep for me! HAHA I love you quilt – you would never know it was a mini! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Roseanne, They are all some form of an arrow. The arrows were totally by accident. Who knows how many times the blocks went thru transformation. Too many to count! I know that! Sometimes accidents are happy ones. 🙂 I am very fond of the straight line quilting technique. It doesn’t draw away from the quilt itself. Added bonus, I can to it on my conventional sewing machine! Thanks for your thoughtful comment! Cindy

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