AQ # 18: Four Friends # 1 Update

Let’s Get Acquainted
As can be seen from the photo below this quilt is small in stature. The quilt only measures 13 1/2″ long and 13 1/2″ in wide.

Art Quilt # 18_ Four Friends # 1.jpg
Art Quilt # 18: Four Friends # 1

While it might be small, when compared to a lap size quilt, it makes a giant statement for its tiny size.

In The Beginning

Art Quilt # 18: Friends #1 began to take shape while I was on a solo nine day retreat. The retreat gave me a wonderful opportunity to stretch my wings and express my creativity through my quilting.

These four blocks have been on quite a journey. In their original form they were among a stack of blocks I received while participating in a block swap. The blocks were made using the Courthouse Square pattern and jewel tone fabrics.

So Disappointing!

The blocks I received had a few issues. Some were poorly constructed while others were not made from jewel tone fabrics. I tried stitching the blocks together using a simple arrangement but didn’t like the outcome. If I had left them in that format I wouldn’t have wanted to display it. The top would have simply been stuffed away in a dark corner of my closet.

Out Came the Stitches

Since I didn’t want to waste the blocks I had to find a different, more attractive way to repurpose them. With seam ripper in one hand and quilt top in the other I began disassembling the quilt top. After separating the blocks some of them were turned into art quilts. The leftovers sat idle waiting for my attention.

The Division

These four blocks were harvested from a batch of 24. The 24 were segmented into  four different groups. A group of nine were used to make Art Quilt # 17: The Chosen Nine. Seven of them were deemed to ugly to use. The remaining eight were divided into two groups of four. The first set was used to make this quilt. The second set of four were used in another one. That quilt will be revealed next time.

The Transformation

As with Art Quilt # 17: The Chosen Nine I decided to leave the white cotton fabric surrounding the repurposed blocks intact. I liked how the white border drew attention to them.

All I really had to do was give the blocks a careful pressing, then sew them together. Next I sandwiched them with a layer of Warm & Natural batting and a backing of white cotton. To secure the three layers I used my Pfaff sewing machine to stitch straight lines. Rather than a binding I added facings to finish the edges.

Origin of the Name

If you recall I mentioned earlier that these four blocks had been among a segment of eight. I thought of those eight blocks as being a group of friends. After dividing them into two families of four I thought why not call them Friends # 1 and Friends # 2. Friends # 2 will have its debut soon.

To Conclude

Well, that is the story behind Art Quilt # 18: Friends # 1. Even though these four blocks traveled through a long and twisting journey I think their final outcome is a pleasant one. One that will definitely not land them in the back of my closet. 🙂

You have now witnessed the second of sixteen reveals. If you missed the first one you can find it at this link. Be watching for reveal number three.


23 thoughts on “AQ # 18: Four Friends # 1 Update

  1. I like knowing the process behind the product. I would NEVER have guessed those blocks had ever resembled a courthouse steps pattern. The blocks they became, and the small quilt, are a testament to your persistence and artist’s eye. Beautiful!

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Fascinating! I was wondering how these blocks were constructed with so many different fabrics yet still be from the same pattern. Different people made them! OHHHH. It is sad to think that seven of them just do not make the cut at all. I did enjoy the chosen nine a lot, and find Friends #1 delightful. Two edits note you might want to make: in To Conclude, you want it to read #18 instead of #17; and in Origin of a Name, second sentence you want to read I thoughT instead of I though. I hope you don’t mind! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Roseanne, Thank you for your thoughtful comments! The remaining 7 may one day have their own transformation. When and if they do it will be drastic. Thank you for pointing out the edits. I would rather have someone tell me I had spinach in my teeth than to let me think everything is just fine. You go girl. 👏😊❤️

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