Doodle Quilting

I am a doodler. My desk calendars, old envelopes, scraps of paper, even magazine pages are great places to doodle. Free motion quilting is a form of doodling. Instead of creating shapes or lines with pen and paper a needle and thread are used.

I recently made this quilt.

Art Quilt # 26: Blue Condo before adding borders
Art Quilt # 26: Blue Condo before adding borders
In the border of the quilt I wanted to stitch the shape of a house. In order to do so I had to figure out how to convert my idea into stitches. The stitches would need to be produced through free-motion quilting. Free-motion quilting is applying designs to fabric through one continuous motion.

The first step was to put my design down on paper. I did this through doodling. After trying out various options I was able to develop one that worked.

Here’s what I produced.

Pen and Ink House Doodle.jpg

Using my conventional sewing machine I was then able to transfer what I had learned into stitches. Here’s how it looked.

House Doodle.jpg

As you can see the houses do not all look the same. They are different because I wanted them to have an earthy appearance, to look haphazard.

I am so thrilled that I was able to successfully create the house image through stitching. Once I have finished my Art Quilt # 26: Blue Condo you will be able to see how the new pattern looked.

Do you doodle? Why?


18 thoughts on “Doodle Quilting

  1. Hi Cindy,
    I am not a doodler only because I am almost 100% of the time on the computer. When I go to meetings with paper (rare!), I do doodle then. Usually stars or coloring in the circles in letters – first all the o’s, the the p’s, etc. Hmm, this will certainly make me change how I spend meetings going forward. I can hardly wait to go to one now!! I love these – all the houses on my block are different like that. I think you need to add a few with the chimneys – I love how they look and mixed in. ~smile~ Roseanne

      1. Hmmm not sure fun was the word I would use – king size quilt with just my walking foot on my regular machine!

      2. Well I didn’t mean to make it sound easy. I didn’t know it was a king size quilt nor that you did it on your conventional machine. I’m sorry if I offended you. 🙁

      3. Oh not at all. I’m just very proud of accomplishing that on my little machine, lol. I had that thing wrapped around me about ten times!🤣

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