AQ # 20: Rising Star Update

Post Number Four

Here we go with another post in my series revealing 16 of my recently completed quilts. I had a wonderful time creating each and every one. The experience was invigorating yet challenging. Invigorating because it fed my overwhelming craving to sew everyday and challenging because it demands all my attention and drains my energy. But no worries! Somehow I managed to find balance.


Debuting today is Art Quilt (AQ) # 20: Rising Star.

AQ# 20_ Rising Star.jpg
AQ # 20: Rising Star

This lovely little gem is a reincarnation of another ugly block. Look closely at the photo below and you can see the resemblance.

Todays Specimens
First Attempt at Re-purposing an Ugly Courthouse Square Block

I find it hard to admit defeat. Once I’ve hacked into a block and started the process of re-invention I simply can’t quit until I am satisfied.

The Transformation

This block needed very little manipulation. After a few passes with my rotary cutter, the addition of a few strips of fabric and two new borders I declared it d.o.n.e! All of the fabrics utilized in this mini quilt are 100% cotton.

To finalize my art project I created a sandwich by adding a layer of Warm & Natural batting along with a piece of white cotton fabric. All three layers were quilted together with my Pfaff sewing machine. A straight line stitch pattern was used. Once the edges of the quilt were trimmed to remove the excess fabric I finished off the raw edges with a facing. This little quilt, after being completed, measures 15 1/2″ tall and 12″ wide.

Origin of Name

Every quilt, no matter what size it is, needs a name. Choosing what to call your art piece can involve a long drawn out thought process. I’m usually able to make a decision quite quickly. For this quilt all I had to do was look at the added strips of star fabric. The stars appeared to be rising so why not call it “Rising Star.”

Thank You!

This brings to a close my fourth entry of sixteen. I am now one quarter of the way into my series. With twelve more to go I best keeping writing.

Thank you so much for following along! I appreciate the fact that you took time out of your very busy day to share a few moments with me. If you missed the other three postings you can catch up by following these links.

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17 thoughts on “AQ # 20: Rising Star Update

  1. Truly a lovely ending, thought I don’t know that I would have thought the original blocks ugly. I have a hard time seeing courthouse steps in any of these that you’ve shown. Maybe it’s a different courthouse steps than that with which I’m familiar. Your process is interesting, and your product is beautiful.

    1. You won’t see the courthouse pattern because they had already been cut up and stitched back together several times. What you would see is tiny remnants of the original blocks. Thank you for your sweet comment! 🙂

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I do not see the resemblance in the other ugly block that you didn’t use, but I do agree that this cutie deserved to be saved! To me the fabrics are the most striking. I wouldn’t have expected a yellow border yet it really works. The star fabric seems to take the lead and those two pieces remind me of birch trees. The quilting totally wraps up this present so nicely. So, are you hanging these all together as a grouping? I know – twelve more to share, so I’ll have to wait but I am curious. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. It is always interesting to hear what other people notice most in my pieces. I learn a lot through your shared thoughts. I haven’t decided where my latest quilts will be displayed. I have been making room in my studio by taking down some of my existing pieces so some will go down there. Others will replace art in the remainder of my home. Thank you for sharing your insight, making a comment and taking the time to read and ponder my post. Your thoughts are always welcome. 🙂

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