Lift or Glide?

What's Your Style

Now that is a very strange question isn’t it!

I have been asking a series of sewing and quilting questions. This is the fifth question in the series.

What is a lifter and what is a glider you might ask? Well, a lifter is someone that lifts their iron up from the fabric before moving onto another area. A glider continuously moves the iron across the fabric without lifting.

When pressing fabric or seams for a quilt it is better to lift rather than glide the iron. Gliding the iron can lead to distorted or stretched fabrics, seams and blocks. I am a lifter. 🙂

Time to register your habit. Are you are a glider or a lifter?

Thank you for your participation!




18 thoughts on “Lift or Glide?

  1. I use the B&D Advantage, and I love it. Most of the irons in my life have been B&D, and some have lasted two decades and some only half, but always more than the others I tried, including Rowenta. The current one is two years old and it’s going strong. I lift for some things, glide for others. What can I say? I rarely do one thing ALL the time in any area. =)

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  2. Hi Cindy,
    Interesting question! I have always been a glider until this stupid iron. One of those fancy, expensive yellow ones that I fell for because Pat Sloan and Jenny Doan were using it. The first iron turned itself on whenever it wanted, in the OFF position. $40 in shipping later to return it, the second one’s front lifter/foot catches on every.single.piece.of.fabric UNLESS I lift it. So, I am now a reluctant lifter. Stupid iron. It makes it very difficult to participate in my own press-the-seams-open-or-to-the-side challenge, as I get my fingers steamed to death holding the fabric down while lifting to press open. HAHA Aren’t you glad you asked?! The short answer is reluctant lifter who wants to go back to being a glider. ~smile~ Roseanne

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