Trim or Not

What's Your Style

I have been asking my readers to respond to sewing and quilting questions. This is the sixth question in the series.

When a seam is created by stitching two pieces of fabric together there are generally threads that will extend beyond the fabric at the beginning of the seam and at the end of the seam. Now here is the question for today:

Do you trim those threads off or do you leave them on?

I am a neat freak so I almost always (notice I said almost :)) trim my threads because I hate how messy they look.  They also frustrate me when they get wedged in seams and poke their little heads topside.

Time to register your opinion. 🙂


16 thoughts on “Trim or Not

  1. Sigh, now you are getting really personal with your questions – ha! So the truth is: in my mind I WANT to trim all the threads and I agree it looks much neater. In reality…sigh…there are many threads left untrimmed…

  2. I ALWAYS trim! Threads, little dog ears, everything. My aunt, who taught me to sew longer ago than you’ve been alive, probably, LOL, taught me that a garment should be as pretty on the inside as the outside, and I carried that right over into quilting. Trim, trim, trim! It also makes for neater seams and fewer tangled spots.

  3. Ah, those pesky thread ends! They are sneaky little rascals. I definitely trim – everything! Especially is you are longarming your quilt, they may get pulled up to the top, and then you have to clip them anyway!

  4. It’s a nuisance, but I do trim the threads. I try to stop and trim as I go, in order to avoid a massive tedious trimming session at the end. And yet,no matter how diligent I am about trimming, there are always some stray and stubborn threads that poke out.

  5. Hi Cindy,
    I absolutely trim those threads! I cannot stand them hanging on there – too messy, just like you said. Just a bit of OCD there I guess (actually, a LOT of OCD . . . ). ~smile~ Roseanne

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