AQ # 29: Pink Cadillac Update

Lucky # 13

Since September 28, 2017, I’ve been sharing my sixteen finished quilts. This little guy is lucky #13. Measuring only 5 3/4″ x 4 1/4″ it is the tiniest of them all. I’ve heard it said that, “Good things come in small packages.” In this case I would have to agree.

This small family of scraps took very little effort to assemble. The short time span from start to finish is a quilter’s dream. Many quilts take lots of resources and loads of time.

The Name

For some of my art quilts choosing the name can be difficult; for this one it was easy. The instant I saw the pink fabric I knew exactly what it would be. The name that came to mind was Pink Cadillac, AQ # 29. The phrase, Pink Cadillac, brings back memories. I wrote about those memories in my original post. You may read about it here.

The Finish

Pink Cadillac, AQ # 29, was very easy to finish. The small quilt top was outfitted with a layer of Warm & Natural batting and a simple backing of white cotton. To embellish the art quilt I did a nondescript straight-line quilting pattern with a color coordinated thread. The raw edges of the mini quilt have been surrounded by white facings. In the back right corner details of the quilt were recorded.

AQ # 29_ Pink Cadillac (finished)
Pink Cadillac, Art Quilt # 29 All Finished

Aside from the details that I have already shared, not much more needs to be told. This quilt was easy to make, a breeze to name and a joy to see. It’s also the last in the series of quilts created from my home-made fabric. Of the sixteen quilts I only have three more to reveal. Two of them have never been talked about before so stay connected for my last three projects.


If you haven’t read the previous twelve posts I have included links to them below.

Thank You!

Thank you for sharing your time with me. I look forward to our next visit.


8 thoughts on “AQ # 29: Pink Cadillac Update

  1. Wonderful piece Cindy!

    I am catching up on blogs, we lost TTQH’s mom, my beloved mother-in-law of many years and I took a break from blogs/blogging. She was 98 and had a great life but we miss her!

    1. Thank you! I was wondering how you were coming along with your improv experiment. I figured it may have taken a step back during the holiday season. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make.

  2. Hi Cindy,
    This piece seems a little tame for you, with a mostly teal/turquoise color palette. No lime green anywhere?! What the heck?! It’s funny – I can see how you got the name though. The bits of pink do draw your eye, and the fabric in the center with circles on it kind of look like wheels. ~smile~ Roseanne

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