AQ # 30: Harvest Medley # 1 and AQ # 31: Harvest Medley # 2

Unfinished Projects

I had the awesome opportunity to participate in a late winter retreat in March at the Woodland Ridge Retreat Center. The event was organized by my friend Barb M. The retreat gave me the chance to work on some of my unfinished projects. All of the items I took with me were quilts I had inherited from my mother. Some had already been started while others had never been touched.

I dedicated the entire trip to finishing as many as possible. Setting a goal of completing five quilt tops was a bit ambitious but by the time I left I had three of them ready for quilting. After returning home I continued my march to achieve my goal. The two remaining tops were completed in April.


Leftover from one of the tops was a stack of unused fabrics. Rather than adding them to my probably-never-stash I decided to convert them into something useable. My initial intention was to stitch them together to create a quilt back for this quilt.

img_2001The more progress I made the more I thought the fabric I was creating was much too interesting to hide on the back of a quilt.

Two Quilts

From the stack of fabrics I was able to make two different pieces. The first one I named AQ # 30: Harvest Medley # 1. This mini art quilt measures 29″ x 17″. The second one, measuring 69″ x 24″, is called AQ # 31: Harvest Medley # 2. Both quilts have been sandwiched with a layer of Warm & Natural batting as well as a backing of fabric retrieved from my stash. A simple straight-line geometric stitch pattern was used to quilt them. Surrounding the unfinished edges is a binding made from leftover scraps. Without saying anything more, let me present my last two art quilts.

AQ # 30_ Harvest Medley # 1
AQ # 30: Harvest Medley # 1
AQ # 31_ Harvest Medley # 2
AQ # 31: Harvest Medley # 2

I think both the art quilts turned out really nice. I am particularly fond of the warm fall colors. Both will make wonderful additions to my family room.

One More

The sharing of these two quilts brings to a close my long list of art quilt revelations. I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing to light my diverse collection of art. Even though these are the last art quilts I have finished my series of 16 completions is not quite over. I still have one more to share so don’t abandon me yet.

I know you must be wondering what the other fourteen quilts looked like so I’ve provided links to each of them below. 🙂

Thank You

Thank you for being a faithful follower. I know you will not be disappointed with the next quilt. Stay in touch.




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