Let’s Get Started

Time to get your projects started! The event we have been talking about for several months has finally begun! Tracy and I are hosting a Mystery Quilt Along that runs from 1/1/2018 until 3/31/2018. Details of the event can be found at the bottom of this page.

Fluffer Nutter You Be You
Fluffer Nutter You Be You

I’ve been busily sifting through my stash looking for fabrics to accompany my purchased piece of Fluffer Nutter You Be You. These are the specimens I have chosen so far.



For my project I’m going to use Cindy Grisdela’s book artful IMPROV as inspiration to create my masterpiece.

Mystery QAL_Inspiration.jpg

I’ve been patiently waiting for January 1st to arrive! Now that it’s here I can finally get my project started. If you are interested in joining us here are the guidelines



Here’s a list of the quilters that are participating:

There’s still time to join! Can we add your name to the list?




19 thoughts on “Let’s Get Started

  1. For some reason my iPad doesn’t want to download the pics. I see the commenters say the colors are nice. ☹️

      1. Yippie!!! The wonders of technology. Sometimes I wonder about it! LOL! 🙂 Oh I’m so excited that you like the colors. I had no doubt that you would with the colors that you chose for your masterpieces! Now I feel so much better! 🙂

      2. Very soon I am sure. Today I am painting with poster paint just trying to put something together for next weeks cat wrangling session. Salt and diluted poster paint abstracts on canvas panels. The kids should like that. Throwing salt on paint is pretty darn fun! But ya, I need to get in front of some canvas with oils very soon.

      3. Dawn, sounds so interesting! I like your terminology. I can totally visualize it. I’m interested in hearing about the salt. We tried that one time in our “Tea and Art Class” but it really didn’t do anything. We figured we must have done something wrong. 🙂

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