Bits and Pieces, Art Quilt # 33

Quilt Expo

I attended the Quilt Expo in Madison in September. Walking into the Expo Hall is an overwhelming experience. The room is filled with rows of vendors selling and demonstrating their wares.

Handloom Batiks

One of the booths I visited was Handloom Batiks. I learned of the owner, Usha, through Rayna Gillman. Usha’s fabrics came highly recommended. Her booth was filled with colorful hand died fabrics. After admiring the many options I decided to purchase a fat quarter bundle and, of all things, a bag of scraps. Who purchases other peoples scraps? Well, me of course! 🙂 When I placed the bag of discards near Usha’s calculator she reminded me that the bag was filled with scraps. I let her know that I was well aware and very excited to own it. Being an improv quilter, I enjoy turning scraps into works of art. This bag of scraps was like candy to a child. I couldn’t wait to turn it into something spectacular!

Another Improv Quilt

One of the books I recently purchased was The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn WoodHer Facebook page, by the same name, is filled with wonderful examples of art pieces created by her followers. While scrolling through the postings I was reminded of my bag of scraps.  The Facebook tour inspired me to start another improv art quilt using my bag of scraps.

Search and Rescue

With my new book in hand I carried the fat quarter bundle and the scraps to my sewing table. Before beginning my project I paused long enough to take a few photos, then dumped out the scraps and began unfurling their edges. It was so exciting to see what was inside. 99% of the specimens were declared useable. By useable I mean they were large enough to actually stitch together. The scraps came in a variety of sizes and shapes. All of them needed pressing so that’s what I did next.

Handbloom Batik Scraps.jpg
Handloom Batik Scraps
Handbloom Fat Quarters.jpg
Handloom Fat Quarters
Handbloom Batik Strips.jpg
Handloom Batik Strips

My Imagination

While pressing the fabric scraps I imagined I was in Usha’s sewing room viewing the trimmings left over from one or more of her projects. How awesome it would have been to see what she had created.

Time Flys

As I continued to iron out the wrinkles I happened to glance at my studio clock. I was watching the time because I still needed to make preparations for the Tea & Art event at my house. I participate in an event with my home-schooled grandchildren and my oldest daughter. Once a week they gather either at my house or their own to read poetry, sip tea, enjoy a snack and then work on an art project. Generally the art projects are focused on curriculum. Other times sewing projects are thrown in for fun. My daughter chooses the activity for the gathering. I’m there to enjoy and assist as needed. Here’s some photos from previous Tea & Art adventures.

Thank goodness I verified the time with my watch because the clock was not only behind, but it had completely stopped. Apparently the batteries had expired. Who knew!

Hurriedly I finished the pressing, shut everything off and quickly closed my studio. I had just enough time to tidy up my kitchen and dining room and prepare for our activities. My improv project was just going to have to wait. Time to make tea!

Thank You!

This brings to a close the beginnings of AQ # 33. There is much work yet to be accomplished. Be watching for further updates. Thank you for sharing your time.


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10 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces, Art Quilt # 33

  1. Tea and art conjures up delightful crumpets and scones and discussions of the latest works at the gallery or art museum. Poetry reading – ah, I hope they read some things they’ve written, too! What fun, and the manners you can teach to go along with it, mixing the practical and the esoteric. I enjoyed looking at the scraps, too. I have also been known to buy other people’s scraps, everything from Cherrywood to stuff-the-bag. =) I can’t resist saving them from ignominy.

    1. We have a variety of teas available because we all have different likes. My daughter provides the treats. They are almost always made from scratch, yummy, vegan desserts. On deck for poetry is a stash of poetry books they pull from their own in-home library. Each child selects their own poems to read. They also memorize poetry and recite it to the group and occasionally a poem they have composed is shared. The art projects are always fun and engaging. I have a plastic tablecloth that protects my antique $100 table I found at a flea market. It has become rather haggard and stained from painting projects. Recently I told them I thought it was time to replace it. As soon as I shared my intentions I heard groans of sadness. Apparently the dried on paint brings back memories. 🙂 I did purchase a new tablecloth but will keep the old one for a time. I love fabric scraps! They are, all by themselves, art. They conjure up visions of all the possible uses. This wasn’t the first time I purchased them though. The first time was from an online sewist. I have to admit that my stash of scraps keeps growing so I just might offer up some later this year as a prize or for purchase. Who knows! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughtful comments. I really enjoy reading reading and responding them. Hope this wasn’t TMI? 🙂

    1. Tierney, we were having a great time. I really look forward to those events. My daughter does an amazing job teaching her children about the arts. Thank you so much for your comment! 🙂

  2. Hi Cindy,
    What beautiful pictures of your grandchildren, and how incredibly wonderful that you get to enjoy them so often. That is truly a blessing, and I can see that they enjoy the time as well. I just love seeing them sew – it just warms my heart and makes me smile. Looking forward to seeing what you do with those scraps. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Roseanne, thank you so much for sharing your warm thoughts. I do feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity. They bring me so much joy. I’m so glad you stopped by! 🙂

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