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Anytime a mechanical device breaks or malfunctions it can be frustrating. Having my longarm quilt machine out of commission is downright heartbreaking. This industrial built machine is supposed to be my workhorse. How can I practice my craft if my machine doesn’t stitch?

I struggle to stay in harmony with my Tin Lizzie. There are so many opportunities for things to go wrong. I recently shared two posts discussing some of my issues. The first one called A Bump In The Road revealed the challenge I experienced with breaking/shredding thread as well as a timing issue. Those items, for the most part, had been tackled.


My second post named Not Again talked about a machine failure. When I signed off, at the end of my post, I was waiting for the Tin Lizzie corporate office to call. Several days later I did receive a call. After asking a series of questions I was told that my issue would be forwarded to a repairperson. This repairperson would then call to discuss my issue. As of today the repairperson has never called.

After my machine sat idle for days I thought I would try turning on the machine to see if for some reason it would mysteriously work. Much to my surprise the machine successfully completed its start-up routine. With hesitation I pressed the stitch button and away she went. Bingo!

I was so happy to get back to quilting! Who knows what was wrong. All that counts is that my machine is working.

I wonder if the repairperson will ever call? 🙂

Thank you for stopping by!


P.S. My machine did mysteriously stop working again giving me the same error message as last time. I decided to turn it off and restart just like I did before. This particular time it worked right away. I hope this doesn’t become a regular occurrence because my machine’s warranty expires midway through 2018. ;(

14 thoughts on “Machine Update

  1. Hi Cindy,
    Are you kidding me?!! Just like a laptop or phone, sometimes they just need to be restarted I suppose. I try to restart my phone once a week – I used to work on the Help Desk in our Tech Dept for the school district. That was always the first thing we asked – have you logged out and restarted your machine? It may also need a software update – have you checked the website for that? Anyway, I am thrilled to hear it is working again. Let’s keep it that way please. My fingers, legs and eyes are crossed (and that makes it very hard to type! HAHA) for success. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Roseanne, I use Apple products and supposedly they don’t need to be rebooted like others but occasionally, when I get frustrated, I do shut them off. A software update may be warranted. It was updated last summer so who knows. I totally agree. Let’s keep it working. LOL! I bet you are having troubles typing. You can stand down. 🙂 Thank You for sharing your upbeat, engaging comment! You are quite the card. 🙂

      1. Apple products do need to be rebooted – at least that’s what I’ve always heard and have used for years – once a week for phones and laptops . . . take it for what it’s worth. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Oh, I get your frustration! There are SO MANY things that can go wrong in the process. Even when the “machine” is working perfectly (sending the needle up and down, just like it’s supposed to,) all the other variables can conspire against us! I’m glad you’re up and going again. Hopefully it will just keep on now.

    1. Melanie, they can be real stinkers! Thanks for caring. I’m glad it’s up and running too….knock on wood! 🙂 I hope it will keep running too but I’m not holding my breath because since the first episode I have already experienced a second one. Mechanicals!! 🙂

  3. Sometimes they do just need to reset themselves but, as you know something made it go down. They are much more delicate than they should be in my opinion. Especially the timing which I have experienced also. It is so annoying to wait on someone to call and the call never come. Hopefully now that the holidays are over they will remember you are waiting. I am so glad your machine decided to start working again. Mine is a Juki and I thought they were the only ones that were hateful. 🙂

    1. Peggy, I totally agree! I think they should be much tougher. I also think the sellers should be much more forthcoming when discussing maintenance. I seriously believe I will never receive the phone call. Obviously I could place another request for service but don’t really see the need now since my machine is working. I too am glad that it started working on its own. If it hadn’t I would have been pounding down their doors. For the sake of other longarm quilters I hope there are machines out there that work much more effortlessly than ours. I like your choice of words! I never thought of using “hateful.” LOL! Thanks for sharing! It’s nice to hear from my fellow longarmers! 🙂

      1. I worked in a sewing factory for many years before moving to FL and learned many tricks to make the machines work but the stitch regulators and timing has me stumped. Wish I knew more about it so I would not be at their mercy and I don’t like a machine to get the better of me. 🙂

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