Bits and Pieces: Part Two

Let’s Recap

Not long ago I began a series on my newest art piece AQ # 33: Bits and Pieces. On our first visit I opened by exploring the scraps I purchased from Handloom Batiks. During the visit I emptied the bag of its contents, sorted each piece by color and size, then treated each to a steam bath from my iron. Before departing I shared photos of my harvest. Today I will begin the process of transforming these luscious pieces of woven fabric into the beginnings of my newest art piece. With my mini recap behind us let’s get started.

Time to Start

I’ve set a personal goal to incorporate all of these fabrics into one art piece. Whether or not I will meet that challenge remains to be seen. I know I’m up for it, but you just never know.

Below are photos of my organized scraps.

The first thing to do today was to cut a strip from each of the fabrics. These strips would be used to create the units or sections that would serve as building blocks. Many of them went from selvage to selvage. In order to be able to use the fabrics as many times as possible I decided to cut them in half. This meant I had two strips approximately 20″ in length. From there it was just mixing and matching the different colors until I found combinations that pleased me. The strips were then stitched together. The end result was this super cool strip of new fabric.

Bits and Pieces_Stitched Together.jpg

By the time I had lightly starched (note: the fabrics are really soft so I starched them to provide more stability) and finished pressing the fabrics my husband had arrived home. Normally I don’t pause from my projects just because he has returned. Once I get into a creative mood it is hard to abandon my work. Given that I had just begun to make visible progress it was tough to stop. In this instance though, the two of us had planned on running errands so it was time to call it a day.

Thank You

Thank you for visiting! I hope you are as excited as I am to continue on this journey. See you next time.


15 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces: Part Two

    1. It was so fun to organize and play around with. Always good to take breaks. You see things differently when you come back. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I love receiving comments! 🙂

  1. Hi Cindy,
    Sometimes those unplanned breaks in a project are really worthwhile. You are subconsciously thinking about it and maybe when you return to it you’ll have a new and improved plan. Hope you and DH enjoyed your time together doing errands. ~smile~ Roseanne

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