How Come

AQ # 10: Crossroads

I have a strong passion for the world of fiber arts. In my portfolio you will find stacks of quilts ranging in design from traditional to improv. My fingers as well as my imagination are always pursuing the creation of new pieces. The burning desire that fuels my passion I hope will be active until the day I die. While at a gathering not long ago I was posed this question, “Why do you keep making quilts?” She didn’t understand my desire to continually add to my stash. In her opinion my inventory was excessive. To own more quilts than one has need for was unthinkable.

Her question kind of caught me off guard and because I’m not very good at thinking on my feet I kept my response simple…”because I like to.” Long after we parted company I kept thinking about her question. If I could go back and rephrase my response this is what I would say:

  • Why do we breathe?
  • Why do we eat?
  • Why do we sleep?

Sewing, quilting, or whatever you want to call it is as necessary to me as any of the above activities. I do it because

  • I like to
  • It brings me joy
  • This is my hobby
  • This is my way of expressing my thoughts
  • This is my creative outlet
  • This keeps me going
  • This gives me purpose
  • Not to mention the blogging opportunities it provides 🙂 and
  • My creations are conversation pieces, my voice

My connections to the outside world are limited, I have very few friends, and I travel very little. Expressing my creative voice through fibers is my way of interacting, although on a very limited scale, with humanity. It’s my lifeline! What more can I say! I’m an introverted person with and extroverted desire to paint with fabric.

In Motion
In Motion

Most of the quilts or art pieces that I make are small so they take up very little room. My dream someday would be to sell them to the public or perhaps have them on exhibit. In the meantime, their varied nature and/or appearance provide me with ample specimens to display in my home. I love being able to see them everyday. Their presence reminds me of the good times I have had. I plan on making my quilts and pursuing my art for as long as I am able.

Why do you make quilts? What is the maximum number of quilts you would make?


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  1. I understand…completely! I had the same dilemma when my passion was photography. Quilting is much better…self-soothing, creative, giftable, heirlooms, etc. And also, size matters! I used to think quilting meant bed covers. Now I understand it to be any size…from a coaster to king-sized bedding! Have fun and do what you love as long as you love it!

  2. My question to her would be two fold. Why DON’T you quilt? and What do you have an abundance of at your house that I would consider excessive? =) Your answers, and all of them in comments, are great. I would add mine at the end of your list: 1. Because there’s still room in my pie safe. 2. Because there’s still room in my linen closet. 3. Because 5 quilts on my bed is not enough in the winter. 4. Because it’s a connection to past generations of women in my family. 5. Because it keeps my brain from atrophying. 6. Because other people need them. 7. Because I can. =)

    1. Oh my gosh those are all wonderful answers! By the way, she does quilt but obviously only out of necessity. As far as abundance at her house…I’m not sure she has anything. 🙂

      1. Then YOU are a quilter. She is a person who makes quilts. There is a big difference. (My best friend rarely makes quilts. However, she is a quilter because she thinks like a quilter. That also creates a difference.)

  3. Maximum number? There is no maximum number for a quilter! 🙂
    Enjoyed reading your musings and yes I think you should plan a show or sell them someday, etc! I love your pieces 🙂

    1. I know! How could there be a maximum number!! Are you crazy???? Unheard of! 🙂 Thanks! It was kind of fun thinking of all the answers I could have shared. 🙂 Perhaps someday the opportunity will arise. Until then I’m enjoying them right here! Thanks so much for your words of affirmation! They mean a lot! 🙂

  4. With my quilting and my knitting I aspire to what my grandma had. She would open her cupboards and there would be a stack of clothing items she had knitted or a stack of quilts she had made. Both cupboards looked so cozy and warm and welcoming! I want to have two cupboards like that!

    1. Cindy, your post hit home. I’ve been asking myself if and why I should keep making quilts. I kept thinking that I need to make quilts for somebody. Although I still want to make quilts for family and friends if they want one, I finally realized I can make them for myself … Just because ! It is my way to create and also express myself. Thank you for your post. It confirms my thoughts. It feels good to know there are others who feel the same way.

      1. I am so glad to know people like you…So supportive. I just returned from a week with my granddaughter where I visited two quilt shops. I am so ready to get started on new projects.

  5. Exactly! All of the above are reasons why I create! I simply need to. It gives me a purpose besides my career and being a wife/mother. It takes me away from all the daily humdrum and stresses. The lady asked a great question! And your post has provided awesome answers. LOVE your Crossroads quilt!

  6. Hi Cindy,
    My thoughts exactly mirror yours – because I enjoy it. I probably would have gotten defensive with a ‘what’s it to you?’ thrown at her when she kept poking the bear. HAHA! JK really – but why does anyone do anything? Why watch TV, why play video games, why ride a bike? All wastes of time if you ask me when one could be sewing. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Oh Cindy! The crossroads quilt is fabulous! I’ve only made two baby quilts and one was a rag quilt. I only make them as special gifts, they are so time consuming for me! I’d like to start making one every year. The plan is to make tshirt quilts for my grown sons with their old baseball and football jerseys for Christmas 2018. I need to get on it!

    1. Wendy I’m so glad you like it. How awesome it would be for your sons to have a memory quilt from their Mom. Who knows what 2018 will bring. Maybe a quilt! Thank you so much for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

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