Bits and Pieces Part Four

I bet you wonder  how long it will be before this piece is finished! Well, who knows? I’d like to say today but that’s not going to happen. The wheels of progress turn slowly and the wheels in this house are currently on stand-by.

As the title suggests this is part four. Links to the other three posts can be found here:

Bits and Pieces-The End of Day Three

This is how my work in progress looked when we parted company last time.

Bits and Pieces-Day Four.jpg
Bits and Pieces-Day Four

Prior to today I had been using my cutting board as my staging place for my blocks as well as my work area. I got tired of trying to do both on the same surface so I moved them all to my design board/storage area for quilt backs, etc.

This vertical surface works way better. It makes it easier to move the blocks around, to photograph them and to see them. Of course you have to mentally block out the fabric that is directly behind my blocks. It’s a quilt back waiting to be used. I store them draped over my design board because it makes a wonderful place to store them without adding wrinkles.

If you compare this photo with the one directly above you will notice that I have done a bit of rearranging and added in some additional possible fillers. This layout was by no means the final version. As I worked throughout the day my piece morphed at least six more times.

By the time I was ready to call it a day my art quilt looked very different. Take a look.

Bits and Pieces-End of Day Four.jpg

None of the blocks have been stitched to one another yet. I’m still in the process of moving them around and selecting my filler fabrics. This step happens very slowly so there’s not that much to report. I could bore you with photos of all the different versions but I was afraid I would have a mutiny on my hands. There is no way of telling what will transpire tomorrow. Who knows? I may just end up starting over. One can never tell!

This is all I have to report for today. Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting. Thank you for staying with me on this journey to create yet another art piece. I hope to see you back next time. Have a G R E A T  D A Y ! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Part Four

    1. Oh thank you so much for your kind compliment. I think it’s cool that you found it interesting enough to ponder. I just love the warm and inviting colors and I totally agree with your interpretation of the black fabric. Thank you Tierney for sharing your thoughts. You are one of my mentors! I learn so much from looking at your art pieces. 🙂

  1. Hi Cindy,
    HAHAHA – no, I am not wondering when this project will be complete. The whole creative process does that time. Sometimes we are awash with ideas and we can’t work on them or get them on paper quickly enough; other times we are at a standstill or the fabrics aren’t speaking to us. I do like your second photo better, and absolutely agree that you need a vertical space for these blocks. You need to be able to step back and really see the overall impact. ~smile~ Roseanne

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